North Buganda Youth Ministries is honored to host the Youth Ministries Director from the General Conference, Pr. Busi Khumalo.
From Spectators to Disciple Makers

Pr. Busi Khumalo (GC – Youth Ministries Director), Pr. Samuel Mwebaza (ECD- Youth Ministries Director) and Mrs. Esther Waiswa (UU-Youth Director) graced us with their presence on the above dates. The reception was wonderful as the youth came to welcome and listen to the guests.

Welcome remarks were given by the NBF President Pr. David Simwogerere at Katikamu Seventh-day Adventist Senior Secondary School, thereafter our guests spoke to NBF Youth.

As Pastor Busi Khumalo spoke, He stressed the need for a mindset change. “You don’t need to know everything to become a Youth ministry leader, it is not about entitlement or positions, it’s meant to bring young people to Christ and enable them to be disciples through training in the progressive classes.” This is a re-investment in the church. Unfortunately, as people graduate to Masterguide, they are present at functions and after, hang all skills on a wall like trophies in wait for the next function. Youth ministry is a service.

Pr. Busi also said that Masterguide and SYL are at the same level. As Masterguides specialize in teaching the junior youth, the SYLs handle the Senior Youth. All leadership should go through either of these classes, SYL or Masterguide. He advised the Church Leadership to focus on the youth through PCM and encouraged the recruitment of chaplains in all PCM associations. He also emphasized community service, evangelism, and all youth activities as a lifestyle to be celebrated on the Global Youth Day and not the other way round.

Pr. Busi He finally promoted evangelism programs that are geared towards doubling membership such as the forthcoming Home Coming event which is an ECD program.